Wee Picasso x2

Wee Picasso would like to introduce her new little brother. They have been playing with the paint already!

Happy Holidays!


Few More from November



Tooth Fairy

Lori's Dress

The Cat in the Hat


New Art!

Wee Picasso bought a big "How to Draw" book - she spent most of the day learning new ways to draw animals.


Happy Turkey Day - 2010


Portrait of Gran - wearing a stylish yellow dress with empire waist and complimentary green belt.

Argh - Pirates

Argh Matey - some Pirate drawings courtesy of Wee Picasso - Beware of the dreaded "X" over their heads.


Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Do you like dolphins? In my picture is dolphins, fish and seaweed and bubbles and crabs and jelllyfish. Be careful of the crabs - sometimes they snap you with their sharp claws. The crabs are not very mean - they are very nice. The jellyfish are nice, they do not sting us. I cut the pictures out by myself, I glued them on the paper. There was silly music on - it said "drume drume drume" we didn't know what type of animal it was - I thought one was a pig and one was tiger. I thought there was a dinosaur with a whistle. I still hear the funny sounds.

(she listened to nature sounds on TV while she made it)

Wee Picasso
Age 4 and 7 months



Birthday Party

Birthday Party
Wee Picasso - age 4



March Art

I was late getting artwork online this past month. Wee Picasso has turned 4. These were done prior to her birthday.

Sleeping Beauty & 3 Fairies

Rainbows! and Sun (Hoorah!)

Our Family Dog Fable - who is now in heaven.

Our friends dog who is also in Heaven

Pocohantas' Father


Princess Time

Bor Neen Team
Wee Picasso
Age 3 years 10 months

Princess MAe
Wee Picasso
Age 3 years 10 months


aaaah - Mom

Mom (or possibly Wow) - Wee Picasso Age 3 years 10 months