Sparkle Owl Family

I helped Wee Picasso with this Owl Family. I did the basic owl shapes - and later the outlines & some if the white. She found a huge selection of sparkles at Winners - so now they glitter! This painting is in her room. She says the nocturnal owls watch over her at night.

Here are a few other Owls she made recently for her brother....


One Fancy Peacock

Wee Picasso painted this lovely Peacock this weekend. She found a picture online that she liked and drew it on the canvas. Then layered the tail colours - and finished it with some swirls from a brush marker.


Friendship bracelets

Wee Picasso is learning all sorts information about patterns in math. She is making bracelets all the time and asked me for a new kind of bracelet. I taught her how to knot a friendship bracelet and she figured it out right away. 

Wee are family

A new family drawing - Wee Picasso insisted on giving me long hair. She does not approve of my short curls.

Budding photographer

Wee Picasso loves to try her hand with my camera. She took this photo of me this weekend.