Sad Friend

I found this picture in Wee Picasso's backpack and I was a little concerned. (although quite impressed with the change in how she is drawing faces!). It was part of an exercise in regards to bullies. They had to draw their friend sad - as if they had bullied them. Then they had to crumble it up.


Beaded Bands

When my husband brought home this new book (Beaded Bands by Klutz) from the school book fair. I was actually dreading making the bracelets. I thought it was too advanced for Wee Picasso, and for myself! So we waited until the little man went to nap and started making beaded bracelets. I was shocked as how well she took to it. I started the process, and would end the bracelet. On the twisty design I did the knots for her. Here are some pictures of the process.


Remembrance Day - 2012

I have been into Wee Picasso’s grade one class twice now to teach art. It has been a great time to meet the students and to offer some creative lessons to those who may not have a chance at home. This past month we worked on drawing the symbols of Remembrance day. We drew poppies and maple leafs. Then the class went on to make their posters for the Annual Royal Canadian Legion contest.
I recently found out the Wee Picasso’s poster placed locally. In fact 3 of the 4 winners were all grade one students. Their category was K-3. The kids were very pleased to be recognized, tomorrow they will attend the local Remembrance Day service and after see their posters along with the others. I was very impressed with the work of her class. Some of the kids even stayed in over recess to finish up their posters. Looking forward to next month’s lesson!