As Grampie & Gran set off our their latest adventure. Wee Picasso has airplanes on her mind! I expect the next set of pictures will be cruise ships.


Fancy Dress

Here are a few more dresses cut from the Sears catalogue - I think by looking at the real dresses she developed some new styles of her own. These girls also have the longest hair in the world! Have to find my old Sear Wish book for more dresses.


Sparkle Paint!

Wee Picasso turned 5! And we have a new collection of art supplies in the house...it looks like we have a whole Crayola Aisle now...

Wee Picasso also received SPARKLE paint! Very exciting for any artist....here are her latest creations. She is drawing many fish now, she is learning about fishing from her Dad.

Spikey Fish



Castle with a Fancy Sky




Mermaid with a "Patchwork" Quilt night sky
Wee Picasso drew this at Gran's house. Gran helped colour with her and explained what a patchwork quilt is. I suspect we will see more skies like this in the near future.

Age 4 and 12 months.


mARTch pt3

Busy mornings of art production in our house. One morning she designed 20 dresses before 9am!
I am not sure why we have toys she spends most of her time drawing!

She told me the other morning she would like Santa to bring her more paper.

Artist at Work.

We are starting to see many umbrellas in her drawings - spring is coming!

This is a new style of dress. She recently printed princess pictures from Grampie's computer. She then traces over the lines. After doing this a few times she started drawing her girls with more details.

She draws dozens of dress patterns for "Matilda" our figure drawing wooden doll. She just loves Matilda!

I think this is the first picture with one figure holding/dancing with another from this view.

I love Monsters! It reminds me of her first drawings. We do not see enough monsters anymore.

She is dancing "Sleeping Beauty" in ballet. So these drawings usually include an impromptu dance as well.

Drawings by
Wee Picasso, Age 4 and 12 months


Fun at Home

The best gallery around!

Cardboard Castle - Wee Picasso Age 4 and 12 Months & Mom


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Mom's favorite - love this machine!!

mARTch pt2

Umbrella required
Stars and Rain

Queen of Ireland

Colouring help by Mom

mARTch pt1


Pink Princess

Monster Friends



Colouring helped by Mom!