Gobble, Gobble

Wee Picasso helped me make the Office Turkey to take to the CBC Turkey Drive this year.
Gobble Gobble


Learn to Draw

Wee Picasso has pulled out her "Learn to Draw..." book again. She takes it very seriously and looks very carefully at the images to learn from them. Here are the latest:
Gran playing basketball

Lovely Ladies

Our fridge is decorated with lovely ladies Wee Picasso has drawn and cut out at school.
Wee Picasso Age 5 and 8 months Kindergarten


Off to School - more Princess's please

Wee Picasso has started school. We have seen a few pictures come home, but mostly just learning all sorts of new songs and what everyone is eating for lunch.


Dragon Day

Today was all things dragon on our house. Wee Picasso recently watched "How to Train Your Dragon"....We have been having fun drawing dragons. Also, today i taught her the "black crayon scratch" technique. I see a shortage of black crayons in our near future....

Green Fire breathing dragon

My Sea Dragon to show the technique

Wee Picasso's Dragon

We made "toothless" together, Wee Picasso made the body - I did the wings and she put them on.


A few new paintings

With the summer flowers - come garden paintings...

Every birthday party we go to Wee Picasso decorates her own wrapping paper. This is a flower for Amy.

This is a new painting for my homemade cabinet. I love to look at it every morning.


Our Fairy House

After watching "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue" (see previous post) we started our own Fairy House. It started with a colouring book from the dollar store. She has also helped Gran sew a few Fairy dresses to leave in the house.

A Fairy Field Journal

After watching "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue" we started our own Fairy Field Journal. I highly recommend this movie for those budding artists out there.


Spring Leftovers

a few pictures from this past spring....

Pinky Dinky Doo (cartoon)

Our Log House

Stylish outfits




Happy Mother's Day

Our annual tradition is to do a canvas painting for Gran every year for Mother's Day. Gran has them all proudly displayed in the dining room. The first one Wee Picasso was just over 2 months old.

View the 2010 painting here - 2010 painting for Gran
I will have to take a picture of Gran's wall of art someday.


Spring Flowers

we may not have any outside..we can make our own inside!


Rabbit Garland

WeeMama - cut out the rabbits and scraps of paper..Wee Picasso dressed 24 wee rabbits for Easter Garland!


Lots of Fish

Wee Picasso is thinking about fish these days. Her father got her a pole and life jacket for her 5th birthday and they have been practicing "going fishing" on the couch in the evenings (I play the role of the fish). I love the black fish on the green paper.