Stop, Block & Tell #stopcyberbullying

Our friend Parry Aftab was looking for some artwork. Stop, Block and Tell is the motto she is teaching Canadian students in regards to online safety. Wee Picasso and I designed this concept (she has attended a summit on this topic and a meeting with our local gov't officials.) then she executed it in paint. She choose the mean words to write under the "block" section.


#Stopcyberbullying + Art for Premier

Wee Picasso made this artwork at my office today while preparing for a meeting with the Premier of the province. She is on a task force for youth to Stop Cyber Bullying lead by Parry Aftab. I have prints from Yellowknife artists Dave Brosha and Robbie Craig of the Northern Lights. This is her picture of the Northern lights with a reminder to Stop Cyber Bullying, she gave it to the Premier of our province today.


A gift of art

Someone is getting this really nice drawing as a gift tomorrow! 


Paintings of 2013 - Piping Plover

Another favourite of 2013 - I love this as much as my beloved Peacock painting. An endangered Piping Plover painted for Gran.

Paintings of 2013 - Purple Bird

Another favourite of 2013 - this purple bird for Gladys.

Paintings of 2013 - Peacock

The next few posts are my favourite paintings by Wee Picasso of 2013. Peacock - a gift for Mom (hoorah!) proudly hanging in my office.