My favourite picture of age 5!

Wee Picasso drew this fantastic Peacock today - looking at a picture on her new t-shirt. I just love it. She did it in pencil on newsprint - full size it is 14 inches high. I scanned it and placed together in photoshop - and threw in some colour. She may yet decorate it with jewel stickers, but I wanted to get a scan of the pencil drawing first.


We All Stand

Our First Family drawing with all of us standing! Notice Wee Picasso has included her brother's little curl on the top of his head (he has but one curl). I was so excited to have this it is now framed in my office. Earlier pictures of the four of us always had her brother apart from us and in his crib.

Font Fun!

Wee Picasso had a bit of fun playing with fonts, kerning & leading the other day. She reproduced this magnet she found on her Grammie's Fridge.