Make my haunted house real!

Here is Wee Picasso's halloween drawing - placed into photoshop


The Eagle has Landed

Wee Picasso created this Eagle for our local River Festival. Her class helped tag baby Eagles this spring. We are very fortunate to have many Eagles around our home. Age 8


How to Weave

First - Get a Loom 

 Next - put the colour yarn you want on the loom 

 Then - put the yarn in the shuttle for the loom - as many (colours) as you want 

Last - put the shuttle in and out and in and out of the yarn


ShareUcare & Lighthouse 2014

Wee Picasso has been busy preparing her 6 foot lighthouse for display this summer. She was selected from many applicants to paint one.

She has recently been involved with the #stopcyberbullying movement with Parry Aftab and her team at WiredTrust. Wee Picasso asked all the students in her school to make a Positive Post it note. We were amazed at the results and felt we should share them online - so we started a new project "ShareUcare".
Post it notes from our new friend Susan McLean at Cyber Safety Solutions in Australia She can reveal the entire lighthouse until June - the post it notes will be "pasted" into the image - here is a sneak peek of the work in progress:


Easter Birds

A lovely day to paint spring birds - we are so happy to see them back after this long winter.


Birthday Portrait

Wee Picasso drew this portrait for a very special lady on her birthday.


Wee Lighthouse 2014

Wee Picasso has been chosen to participate in a creative art event for 2014 Sesquicentennial celebrations on PEI. Lighthouse2014 has chosen 20 artists to add their creative flair to a magnificent 6ft lighthouse sculpture. These will be displayed in the City of Summerside during the summer of 2014. Wee Picasso's lighthouse will be sponsored by Vector Aerospace which is a provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft operators around the globe. Which is really exciting for any 7 year old! I see a big interest in helicopters and airplanes coming soon. Wee Picasso's friends Allan & Parry at Wired Trust will be providing a mini studio for her lighthouse and providing support in supplies and with the Teenangels will be adding their "handiwork" to the design. Lighthouse 2014 will be hosting a gala event in June - until then we will only be sharing small details of the work in progress. Needless to say - Wee Picasso is excited to participate in this BIG project and to add her small part to the 2014 party!