Wee Lighthouse 2014

Wee Picasso has been chosen to participate in a creative art event for 2014 Sesquicentennial celebrations on PEI. Lighthouse2014 has chosen 20 artists to add their creative flair to a magnificent 6ft lighthouse sculpture. These will be displayed in the City of Summerside during the summer of 2014. Wee Picasso's lighthouse will be sponsored by Vector Aerospace which is a provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft operators around the globe. Which is really exciting for any 7 year old! I see a big interest in helicopters and airplanes coming soon. Wee Picasso's friends Allan & Parry at Wired Trust will be providing a mini studio for her lighthouse and providing support in supplies and with the Teenangels will be adding their "handiwork" to the design. Lighthouse 2014 will be hosting a gala event in June - until then we will only be sharing small details of the work in progress. Needless to say - Wee Picasso is excited to participate in this BIG project and to add her small part to the 2014 party!

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