mARTch pt3

Busy mornings of art production in our house. One morning she designed 20 dresses before 9am!
I am not sure why we have toys she spends most of her time drawing!

She told me the other morning she would like Santa to bring her more paper.

Artist at Work.

We are starting to see many umbrellas in her drawings - spring is coming!

This is a new style of dress. She recently printed princess pictures from Grampie's computer. She then traces over the lines. After doing this a few times she started drawing her girls with more details.

She draws dozens of dress patterns for "Matilda" our figure drawing wooden doll. She just loves Matilda!

I think this is the first picture with one figure holding/dancing with another from this view.

I love Monsters! It reminds me of her first drawings. We do not see enough monsters anymore.

She is dancing "Sleeping Beauty" in ballet. So these drawings usually include an impromptu dance as well.

Drawings by
Wee Picasso, Age 4 and 12 months


  1. Love this idea for a blog! You have quite a talented artist there! Seriously, that is some impressive detail for one so new to the arts :)

  2. Thanks, it is also a great way to save her artwork instead of having paper all over the house!